1. Josiah

    @backpacker_economist, I like your comment especially on the part of supporting local tour operator. and I agree, benefits did outweigh the cost.

    @Marjorie, Thanks! 🙂

  2. You took the words right out of my mouth erm keyboard! I also felt torn whether the Underground tour (or the full tour that we did for PPS and El Nido) was worth it. The backpacker inside me was also rebelling against the thought of being under the mercy of the schedule set by someone else *shudder* But in the end, we took it because it was cheaper (hey’ i’m a cheapie) and convenient.

    We can just ride the public transpo another time, right Josiah? 😛

  3. Josiah

    @Chichi, YES! there’s always a next time for more adventures with public transpo. I’m actually going back next year. I’ll try the public transpo to Underground River and Honda Bay, and i’ll try to find my way to see the whale sharks. And if schedule permits public transpo to El Nido. 🙂

  4. we took the bus going to El Nido back in 2005 and it was one hellluva adventure! 🙂

    Vans were available just for charter then. Although there are now passenger vans that regularly go to El Nido…. try the old rickety bus when you do go back there. 😀

  5. very informative..
    follow up question: what if 2pax lang kami, would you still consider joining a group/package tour?

    concern ko naman, baka may oras lang yung tour. unlike pag DIY, kami ang boss sa oras! :mrgreen:

  6. @Chyng It really depends on your mood and the situation, 2 lang kami noon, pero wala kasi kami oras to do research kaya nagtour kami. Pero masmasaya nga sana yung DIY. which reminds me, kailangan ko na matapos at mapost yung itinerary for DIY Underground River. Thanks for reminder Chyng. 😀

  7. jenny

    Hi.. ask ko lang po, nung pagdating nyo po ba sa airport and may na-offer ng underground river tour, that same day din po ba kayo dumeretso sa Sabang?.. did you had a chance na makuha yung contact nun? dalawa lang din kasi kaming magtatravel, pero by May pa naman.. we’re actually going to el nido, pero iniisip ko kung possible na makapag-underground tour din muna kami.. one of the 7 wonders of nature kasi yun 😀 sayang naman kung hindi kami makakapunta.. diba? :p

    • Hi Jenny, yup! may nagoffer sa amin ng underground river tour nung pagdating namin sa airport. Wala ako contact number nung nag-offer pero possible lang na makapagunderground river ka on the same day kapag dumating ka sa airport ng early morning. Hopefully, magawa niyo siya on the same day ng pagdating ninyo.

    • Rina

      kumusta naman po byahe nio Palawan? Next time and if you have visitors po pwede po kming mkatulong sa inyong byahe sa Palawan.just text me maam. 🙂

  8. Rina

    As a result of the award of New7Wonder of the Natural World. The Underground River Tour is very popular.
    We would encourage early bookings (at least a week prior to arrival) to avoid disappointment as there is only a very limited number of people per day are given permits to visit this natural wonder.
    This limitation was made in an effort by the local government to lessen the environmental impact that humans may bring to the natural habitat of endangered species which are endemic to the Underground Caves.
    Important: Please bring a valid Identification Card during the tour in order to validate your permit at the tourism office in Sabang Port prior to your departure for the Underground River

    • Maya Gonzales

      Hello Josiah & Rina. My family of 5 will be staying in Sabang. How much is the packaged Underground River Tour per person considering that we are already near but I dont want the hassle of arranging permits? ❓

  9. Kristel

    Hi Rina at kay Lakas ng Trip. Plano naming wag mag-avail ng packaged tours for PPUR. Ang concern lang namin baka hidi kami makakuha ng permit for PPUR since super sikat na ito at limited na nga ang pwedeng pumunta. We’ll arrived at PP sa Sep 15 at 1pm and do the PPUR at Sep 16 kung makakakuha kami. 4 adults plus 1 toddler (1year old.)

    another concern is pwde ba ang toddler kahit sa PPUR park lang. I read somewhere else na bawal sila sa cave. Kasi if ever, hindi kami magsasasby na 4 na pumasok sa cave. Ang mangyayari 2-2 muna para may magbantay sa toddler naming kasama.

    Thoughts? TIA

  10. cathy

    hi how much is the current reasonable price for the underground river and honda bay tour now? we will be in there this coming december.thnx for the help

  11. Rhea

    Hi josh im really curious about your post. And i’ll try it since i have limited budget going to PPUR. Hope u can give somemore advise. Thanks 😛

  12. Craig Jensen

    Looking to tour the Underground River Palawan on Dec 29 or Dec 30 Please advise cost and timing. Please send phone number so I can speak directly with you. Three adults, one child, one infant. Please respond at earliest convenience as I am leaving for the PI on Tuesday and want to finalize plans before leaving.

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