1. althea

    hi! our group is planning to go here this October for photo-ops.
    is the department of tourism located within the wawa dam vicinity?

    we are planning to bring lunch, but it would be heavy to bring since we would be communiting. I’m glad you posted that there are karinderyas nearby 🙂

  2. Josiah

    Hi Althea! Glad to be of help. 😀

    Yup! the Department of Tourism is within the vicinity of Wawa Dam. If you’re headed to the dam it is on the right side of the road.

  3. hi there, just want to ask if the tourism office still requires visitors (specially photographers) to pay for entrance at the dam?

    last time we went there, around 2 or 3 years ago, they were asking for P600 (if i recall correctly) for the whole group (there were 12 of us)

    i’m planning to visit it again soon. thanks!

  4. jet

    hey! my entrance fee ba jan? i wana go there this holiday with some friends…and able ba to have overnight stay there? thanks!

    • Jet, wala pong entrance fee and yes I think you can. Pero I still have not tried asking around kung may lodging or pwede magcamp. Tanong ko sa sunod or pwede niyo rin po ikwento sa amin pagpunta niyo dun kung may matutuluyan. 🙂

  5. badet

    We are planning to go there in Wawa Dam next week. Is the current always strong? I’m just thinking if we could swim during that time. But maybe we can,since it is summer. Just pls. pray for us to have a safe trip. thanks

    • Ey Badet! The current is not always strong, only when it rains. You could definitely swim there. Just be careful. Have a nice and fun filled trip to wawa dam. 🙂

    • Hi mark, malakas ang water current kapag umulan po sa bundok. hindi ko po masabi kung sa pagpunta niyo ay malakas ang current o hindi.

  6. JALP

    Hello i am a student from makati and we are planning to go there this weekend (this saturday to be exact.) To make our proj. Which is tour commercial. And we are wondering if is it okay to go there this season?

  7. hello po, okay po bang pumunta sa wawa dam this coming saturday,december 15, kasi my friends and i having a plan to visit there . applicable ba syang puntahan sa gantong season?

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