1. Good list you got here. It’s important to keep warm; Pulag reportedly got 0-C temp recently. Weeewww!!!

    Note: some people refer to bonnet as ‘beanie’ 🙂
    Also, the outer shell should be waterproof, like a waterproof jacket/windbreaker. ako, raincoat outer shell ko haha! in case it rains…

  2. Ang cute ng angel wings! Haha. Bundling up will definitely make a difference. Apart from the right clothing, using the proper sleeping bag will give you a cozy sleep. The hubby and I shared a sleeping bag and because it’s too small for the 2 of us, we only utilized it as a mat and used a fleece blankie. Brrrr.

  3. The UP Mountaineers held the induction for new members there back in December 2003, and it was sooo cold! There was frost on the ground in the morning. I had 4 upper layers on, 3 lower, and just one pair of socks. Brrr

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