1. @James Ako lang ang meron? hmmm… mabenta kaya ito sa mga magazine? LOL! Thanks dude! 😛

    @Chyng and I’m still using my camera up to now. 🙂

    • @Angel naisip ko nung mga panahon na yun na kahit masira siya naging worth it na yung paggamit ko sa kanya. pero nung lumundag ako sa tubig biglang kaba. hehe

  2. When I went there I was thinking the only way one would get a picture inside the lagoon was to have an underwater point and shoot camera. Never knew someone would be brave enough to risk a DSLR hehe

  3. galing naman! talagang risky sya but worth it. buti nlng meron kang dalang dry bag 😉

    OT: nice yung idea bout the translation ah. masunod nga! 😀

  4. I will definitely try this one next year! Thanks Josiah for the tip and the inspiration. I will be more masipag in blogging about my travels as well 😀

  5. Sandy Bee

    It’s very amusing that I am reading this on 31st Dec 2015. Welcome 2016! Thanks for sharing this. I’ll be visiting El Nido next year and yes, Im thinking of dealing with Northern Hope and bringing a waterproof cam. Hehehe. Thanks! Lakas mo!

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