1. Dian

    I’ve been to baler and dilasag twice and i wanna go back there for some adventure again….are there any updates in roads also with the land transportation from baler to dilasag… i mean about the schedule cause i will be leaving manila with the first bus trip and my ETA in baler is 10 in the morning i am worrying i might not be able to catch the trip to dilasag….please assist me…

    • Hi Dian, there are still vans going to Dilasag after the first trip of the bus leaves. You can ride there. I remember when I was there around 4PM in the afternoon, I saw a van going to Dilasag. You may contact Kuya Jerry Rosales for more information about the vans going to Dilasag. His number is on the post.

  2. Toni G.


    Would you know the schedules of the Baguio to Baler bus trips? Or do you know any other way to commute from Baguio to Baler?


  3. yolada d. alcober

    our family is planning to go to baler this christmas, 2014. I just want to know if it is advisable to bring a private vehicle from manila to baler. Is it safe to bring our car and is there any parking areas where can we park safely?

    • Hi Yolada, many people I know bring their vehicles to Baler. One time I joined friends from Cabanatuan and we rode a private vehicle to Baler. There are parking areas on accommodations.

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