• Thanks! It is alarming. How much more if you see it personally? I saw 4 hermit crabs who had plastic bottles and deodorant caps as their shelter and according to the locals there are many more.

  1. Very educational post you have here Josiah. Because of people wanting to buy huge seashells as souvenirs, we’re taking away these crabs natural shelter.

    • I hope we all could stop from picking up those shells. It’s like we’re evicting people out of their homes and putting them inside a dog house.

  2. Jeff Reyes

    Have you seen the stall selling live hermit crabs with decorated shells at the Mall of Asia? Can someone please stop them from selling these beautiful creatures and bring them to their respective habitat.

    • I didn’t know that there was such a store. In my observation since the hermit crabs have decorated shells it would attract the wrong types of people to pet the hermit crabs.

  3. Tsk! I dont want a home of plastic.. though Hermit Crabs are known for “second hand” homes when they outgrow their shells to find bigger ones, this one is adaptation at it’s highest and lowest both at the same time — when the only resort is take on what is not natural in order to survive..

  4. cesz

    i just stumbled on this blog… naiyak ako promise… coz i’m sooo guilty of this crime… coz i always buy seashell souvenirs in dozens, ung malalaki pa… it never crossed my mind that something like this is happening…i was robbing them of their homes na pala… thanks for this blog, now i’m aware… no more seashell souvenirs from now on… or anything else na galing sa nature.. pictures na lang… 😥

  5. schendelzare lamoste

    nakakalungkot isipin na ang munting kasiyahan dala ng konting perang napagbentahan ng sea shells, ganitong litrato ang ating masasaksihan. nkakaiyak makita ung hermit crab na dun tumitira sa plastic bottle.. 🙁

  6. Capt Wade

    I went down to talk to a company that makes 3-D printed items out of calcium carbonate ester, which is very similar to natural sea shells, but more durable, and completely inert(non-toxic)
    They can duplicate sea shells exactly, and can add printed designs with words on the outside(but perfectly identical to real shells on the inside) that distinguish them from real shells to make them unsaleable by collectors and undesirable by consumers, who consider them “fakes”.
    Make thousands of them of different sizes, and throw them out for the hermit crabs to live in.
    That’s my plan. For example, 1000 of the 4″ imitation shells will only cost me $18, USD.

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